With all of the talk on TV and off about real estate, how do you know you are getting the right advice? Do you know the difference between an education and information? How do you know if you are dealing with a reputable broker or agent? There are some things you should know about real estate before you sign anything. These tips will help you make more money in real estate, buy and sell it better, and be more successful.

Education: When you choose to buy real property, get educated about what it is you are purchasing. Be informed about tax implications, the current mortgage market, local government rules, and financing. Be careful about over-leveraging. Leverage is a major reason why most people get bankrupted in real property and is one of the main reasons people become wealthy in real estate.

Property Management: If you work with any type of real estate company including apartment complexes, condos, mobile home parks, retail properties, and even residential properties, you can become a property manager. A property manager has many responsibilities including maintenance, security, and cleaning. You will make money by helping to manage the tenants, cleaning and repairing the property. You can become a property manager with just a few years of experience.